Good Online Side Hustles | Top 4 of 2021

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Good online side hustles have historically served the purpose of “extra money-making”, but 2020 proved to us that online side hustles might just move from ‘side hustles’ to ‘full-time jobs’. In fact, an Upwork study proved that although some were forced to put their freelance work on a temporary halt, 12% of the US workforce started freelancing for the first time.

Now, if you’re a complete beginner, don’t let the word ‘freelance’ frighten you from moving forward in this article. Whether you’re an experienced freelancer or a complete beginner to the online world, these good online side hustles are great ways to make money, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

And don’t worry, this isn’t one of those ‘do a survey for $0.50,’ or ‘ watch these ads for $0.15.’ These are real ways to make some decent money from the comfort of your home, in your pajamas.

Get Paid to Listen & Type

The first method of making money is simply by being a good listener and knowing how to type. For this section, I’ve provided two separate options, both are excellent options but they pay a little differently.

Our first contender is This is an online job market place that focuses on translation and transcribing. But what really stands out about this program is its captioning service.

This service gives you the option to earn up to $1,500 on a monthly basis.

If you are unfamiliar with these types of services, think about when you watched a youtube video or a Netflix movie and you turned on the subtitles. Those subtitles were completed by a captioner, which is essentially the role that you would be taking on if you decided to take this job on Rev.

screenshot of rev freelance options

They also offer bonuses for their translating services if you know another language. This can be a lucrative option for many.

screenshot of revs translation services

Rev has guidelines that you must follow in order for you to work with them. It’s important for you to go through them and know what rules you have to follow when working with them so that you don’t end up unable to take on their jobs.

Our second contender is GoTranscript. Similarly to Rev, they pay you to transcribe audio files into comprehensible text. They regularly offer job postings for your to try and you can go in and pick up a job listing. Job listings are available 24/7.

They pay on a weekly basis every single Friday for the work of that same week.

The disadvantage (if you would like to call it that) is that the payment isn’t as high as it is on Rev. GoTranscript offers you a total maximum of $1,215/ month.

gotranscript payment rates

When comparing GoTranscript to Rev, you should evaluate which system is friendlier for you to use and if you mind the lesser pay. Consider the interface you’re being faced with as a transcriber.

Keep in mind that just like Rev, GoTranscript does have guidelines that you must follow in order to work with them. Make sure to go through these so that you can maximize your potential earnings with GoTrancript, and you don’t run any negative risks on your account.

Take a look at the video below directly from GoTranscript to see exactly how things work!

Get Paid to Have Conversations

If you’re a social person who loves to chat and learn about different cultures, then Cambly might be a great option for you.

The only requirement you must meet in order to work on Cambly is knowing and speaking English. This is because Cambly is an English learning website where people all over the world — adults and children — get on to simply speak with English-speakers.

You don’t need to have a teaching license or a degree to qualify as a tutor on this website, all you need to know is how to properly speak English. It’s really as easy as it sounds, you get paid to chat… about anything you want!

Cambly pays its tutors according to who they tutor. They pay $0.17/minute ($10.20/hour) on the regular Cambly program, and $0.20/minute ($12.00/hour) on Cambly Kids.

screenshot of cambly's features

Even though it’s 2021, if you’re in the situation where you have to quarantine because of COVID-19 then Cambly is an excellent option to get you out of your own circle, and get you talking with people around the world!

A great advantage about Cambly is that there are always people available to talk with you because it is a worldwide website, and time zones are different. So if you can’t go to sleep in the middle of the night, you can hop on Cambly to chat with someone from across the world and get paid.

Get Paid to Give Exclusive Reviews

Screenshot of try my ui is a great option for those who don’t mind having their voice recorded while they surf around a website. This is a program where you get paid to review websites and explain your user experience.

You don’t need to know coding or be a web developer to give reviews here. The point of these reviews is to explain how the user experience is from the point of view of someone who has never used a specific site.

On here, you will be presented with different websites and applications. You will be given a set of easy tasks to evaluate how easily you can navigate through the site. While you complete your tasks and navigate through it, your screen activity and voice will be recorded so that you can explain your likings and/or frustrations about the site.

TryMyUi pays you $10 per review, each review takes a maximum of 20 minutes. You will be offered different websites and applications to review depending on your demographic. If your demographic services are in high demand, then you could end up earning roughly $60 per hour!



With all of these platforms, expect PayPal to be your primary payment method. If you don’t have a PayPal account, go and sign up for one to eliminates those barriers to getting that sweet, sweet cash.

With all this being said, it is worth noting that all of these platforms have rules that you must comply with in order to work with their services. Alway make sure to read and learn what they are before starting. It isn’t hard to follow the rules on any of these platforms but sometimes you may do something that may piss off the platform owners.

You probably don’t want that to happen since they’re paying you real money.

Also, don’t forget that this money is not tax-exempt. All the money you make from these platforms is regular income and it is taxed as such. Make sure to be prepared for tax season!

I hope this has been helpful for each of you. Feel free to leave some feedback in the comment section below. I’m always happy to read and reply to each of you!

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  1. All four of these sound incredible. They each have different ways to make money and if a person is willing to follow the guidelines within the program they could make good money each week. Like any other company, the easier you learn the policies and follow the training the better you will do as far as making money. 

    The one that interested me the most was GoTranscript. They seemed to have the most to offer in my particular field of interest.


    1. I’m so happy to hear these were helpful 🙂 and yes, GoTranscript is great!

  2. Hi. I tray it the freelance jobs. But some of platform didn’t accept me, and then by time I was quite. I think I tray it TryMyUi, and I like the way how it sond, but then from some reason I was quite again. But they sound good like you describe, I know people who work like freelance and get good revenue. 

    1. Hmm, I see, I see. Thank you for your feedback 🙂

  3. Misael, I always learn something when I read your articles. I’ve been looking for ways to develop a side income and, surprise surprise, I stumble across your excellent review of 4 legitimate ways to earn money online! I don’t believe in coincidence.

    I will be checking out Cambly and TryMyUi. Thanks for your superb article!

    1. I’m glad to see you on here again 🙂 and of course!

  4. Building up a side hustle is always something I’ve hoped to do, as the extra cash is a fantastic tool to start getting ahead in life. These easy hustles are great suggestions, and I am especially interested in the Cambly opportunity, as I am not the fastest typer. I will definitely be adding this to the list of things to try, as I try to build out a side hustle route to kickstart my financial success.

    1. I’m very happy to hear this has been helpful!

  5. I’ve started looking for some additional options to make money over the internet, but such offers when you spend a lot of time for a few cents are pointless. Thank you for presenting some really great sites where your work and time are paid fairly.
    I find the Rev site and GoTranscript site interesting and suitable for me, and I will check them out.
    This article was really helpful with useful suggestions for some extra earnings.
    I wish you all the best

    1. I’m glad this was helpful 🙂 thanks!

  6. Ooh, I know so many people who are working towards their big goals with a side hustle or two! They are going to love reading about these ideas. There are some really neat ideas that are easy for any English speaker to do with some spare time. The money is better than the minimum wage, so these could even be considered promotions in some cases!

    1. Oh that’s true! I didn’t even think of that! Good observation.

  7. I have not come across any of these four sites to earn money online from the comfort of your home, so thank you for the top online side hustles. Do you know if any of these sites are only available if you live in certain countries? 

    TryMyUi sounds like a good option where you can also earn a reasonable amount of money per hour. I do speak three languages so the translation service from Rev might be a good option for me as well.

    1. They are available outside of the US! With TryMyUi your demographic is the factor that getting UIs to try out is hardly dependant on. In my demographic, the demand for reviewers is actually pretty high. So really it depends on where you live

  8. These are some great ideas for side hustles.  While it may not be “life-changing” amounts of money, it would appear they pay immediately, so it’s great for when you need something right now.  Car broke down? A little short on the rent?  Need to muddle through until you get back to work?  This will help.  It would also help those of us who want to build up a nest egg.  I just signed up for Cambly.  Thanks for posting.

    1. Heck yeah! Let me know how it goes!

  9. There are some excellent money-making avenues here most of which I had never heard of. I think one issue that is little talked about is how the world of online work is in effect a massive leveler. That is great if you happen to be living in a low-cost area. But if you live in an expensive area where people often get paid very substantially above national median wage levels, then things will not be so easy. I saw this when I was working in Switzerland back in the early 90s. I was a foreign national getting well paid and living in expensive rented accommodation. My employer went spectacularly bankrupt i.e. overnight and from one day to the next we could have been out on the street. I quickly came to realize that I had to act. We moved ourselves to the Netherlands where we were able to rent a house at approximately a 6th the cost of the rent in Switzerland and for a while, I did freelance work wherever I could get it. What I am saying is that while online work opens up avenues for many, and that is a great thing, not everyone is going to be able to leap onto these opportunities without making dramatic changes to their living circumstances. And I think we are only just starting to see the first ripples of what could become massive waves. Best regards, Andy

    1. Well, that is a very interesting observation. I’m glad that you were able to get out of that bad situation. Personally, I have seen these types of money-making avenues as a means to make extra money while also working your regular job. But it can help those who may not have a job at all too. Maybe the dramatic change doesn’t have to be necessary if you use these types of avenues as EXTRA income rather than your entire income

  10. Well, I am totally impressed! I printed out this article. For one thing, I have a dear friend in Nepal who is trying to find a way to make money online. I am going to see if he can do GoTranscript. His English is excellent but he does not have any credentials so his language skills have been going to waste. I am interested in English transcription myself, but maybe he could transcribe English into Nepali or Hindi if they are looking for those languages. I am excited! Thanks!

    1. I’m so glad that this has been helpful! I wish you and your friend the best!

  11. Wow, this is a very exciting post.  I didn’t know about any of these before I read your post.

    They are great ways of making a good income from home.  I will definitely be checking them out and hope that I can meet the conditions for some of them.

    I would particularly be interested in TryMiUi or Cambly.  They appear to be so interesting and not merely a way to money.  I just wonder if they have a good stream of work though, or is it just now and again, so you couldn’t actually depend on them.  Only one way to find out!

    Thanks for taking the time to share this.

    1. From my experience, TryMyIU definitely has a good stream of work. I get offers every day and it’s always more than one! Cambly also has quite a bit of offers. The fact that it’s all over the world really helps

  12. These seem to be quite useful options to earn some bucks online. Particularly GoTranscript and Rev caught my attention. I think I’ll give both a try and see which one suits me best. I don’t mind watching videos and listening to audios and then transcribing them. And I could even translate some of them.

    1. Heck yeah! Gald to hear this was helpful 🙂

  13. These are great ways to earn extra money and they don’t take up to much time, I have personal experience of working for Cambly, the students you get to speak with are from all over the world and it’s very interesting work. The students learn surprisingly quickly and they pay soon mounts up, thanks for sharing this information.

    1. It’s so good to hear from someone else who has had experience in one of these platforms! Thank you for your feedback 🙂 I’m glad this has been helpful

  14. Hi there Misael! Oh man, with this whole COVID-19 pandemic still on the loose, I’ve been trying to look for many opportunities to make money online. What better way than your post of side hustles! The translation and transcribing business sounds like a really chill job. I might consider trying that out at a later time (once I get the hang of affiliate marketing). The other opportunities don’t look too bad either. Going to share this with my family who are also looking for online jobs. Thanks for compiling this!

    1. Absolutely! I’m happy to help 🙂

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